Youthfulness is not merely for the young according to designer Prisca Vera Franchetti, founder of New York-based PRISCAVera. What began as an interim side project for the Rome native has flourished into a high-end label known for a sassily ebullient aesthetic that deliberately eschews pretension and self-seriousness. Franchetti’s ready-to-wear collections are elegant yet playful, offering wardrobe essentials for women on the move. Organza shirts, culottes, and short dresses appear in lively monochromatic hues with lettuce hems that add a dash of cheeky flair. Sleeveless corset-style crop tops and black and bubblegum pink miniskirts homage '90s girl power. PRISCAVera abandons statement pieces in favor of complementary staples that highlight the fundamentals of cool, self-assured femininity.