627 E 6th St
Dec 2019—Dec 2020

Photography: Tasmin Meyer Ersahin.

Models: Giannina Oteto, Kaia Jane Abraham, Ava Ferguson, Manon Macasaet, Lumia Nocito, Taylor Jeanne, Sadaf Nava, Dasha Nekrasova, Seashell Coker, Vera Bulder, Hannah Woldetsadik, Sabrina Fuentes, Kelly Zutrau.

Images co-produced with No Agency New York.

Internet Café
Apr 2—30, 2020

In light of the pandemic, Café Forgot has temporarily closed our brick and mortar location and has moved to the world-wide-web for the month of April. Click to shop!

Side Effect

Side Effect has been postponed due to COVID-19. Stay tuned for updates. If you already purchased tickets you will be contacted via email regarding refunds. Take care + stay safe.

A Narrative Room
Mar 9—13, 2020

Designer Renea LaRiviere founded the concept for her line in 2018 as an ode to her Great Grandmother Zepherina. A combined influence of familial photographs, stories, and heirlooms constructed her character of Zepherina. This narrative is illustrated in her collection of limited-edition silhouettes, crafted with premium textiles and one-of-a-kind details for a mysterious-yet-sophisticated look. This March, for A Narrative Room, Renea will create an immersive installation of found furniture, art objects, and one-of-a-kind garments, featuring work by Claudia Cruz, Daisy Chains, and Ty & Calla. The result will be an enchanted space that the character Zepherina would inhabit.

Opening Party Mar 9 7—10 PM with a selection of natural wines by Berlin & Zev Rovine Selections.

Test Screening: "Untitled Café Forgot Documentary"
Feb 24, 2020, 8 PM

On February 24th, 2020, Café Forgot and No Agency New York hosted an intimate test screening at Anthology Film Archives of Cyrus Duff’s unfinished documentary on Cafe’s inception and journey from ephemeral pop-ups to a long-term East Village lease. Duff’s documentary also covers the collaboration and conflict between Café Forgot and No Agency New York on a recent shoot.

RSVP ONLY — rsvp@noagency.nyc

8 PM, Monday, February 24


32 2nd Ave New York NY 10003

Breathwork Healing
Jan 8, 2020 7—9 PM

Breathwork healing at Café Forgot (627 E 6th ST), lead by mystic, Luke Simon of Maha Rose addresses the energetic intensity of life in NYC. Breathwork is an active meditation that takes you out of the mind and into feeling. As you relax and let go, the increased oxygen flow rejuvenates your body and helps to open your heart.


Aug 1–31, 2019

Photography: Christian DeFonte, Sasha Frolova.

Models: Yasmine Geurts, Vera Bulder, Christian DeFonte.

True Blue, Eyeshadow, Personal Trainer, Sadie
Aug 25, 2019, 5 PM

Larrie and Café Forgot were pleased to host a concert with True Blue, Eyeshadow, Personal Trainer, and Sadie.

Becky Akinyode in Conversation with Martina Cox
Aug 15, 2019, 7 PM

Café Forgot founders Lucy Weisner and Vita Haas moderated a conversation between stylist Becky Akinyode and artist/designer Martina Cox. The discussion focused on the impact of limited edition and handmade clothing in their respective practices as well as utilizing second hand clothing as a visual and physical resource.

Marie Lea Lund Chakra Survey
Aug 1–31, 2019

Marie Lea Lund is an artist and designer based in Berlin, Germany. Marie created an anonymous survey for Café Forgot’s month long residency at Larrie. Based on the chakra system, the survey is made to measure the balance of each of the seven main energy centers in the body. The final results of the survey will be treated as an indication of the overall health of the Café Forgot community. The results will act as a foundation for a collection by Marie, who is working with a methodology of integrating holistic and spiritual care to fashion objects. Stay tuned for the collection.

Stand Up Comedy
May 17–June 8, 2019

Photography: Christian DeFonte. Models: Laine Bolte, Paris Reid.

Feb 13–16, 2019

Photography: Christian DeFonte. Models: Venice W, Ada O’Higgins, Sadaf H. Naha, Blanche Apsara.

Picture Room
Nov 10–18, 2018

Photography: Allegra Sussman, Christian DeFonte. Models: Lila Gold, Maya Laner, Rosy Brown.

165 Duane St
Aug 2–Sept 29, 2018

Photography: Sara Grace Powell, Allegra Sussman, Christian DeFonte. Models: Sara Grace Powell, Kat da Silva, Sabrina Fuentes, Daniela Lalita, Lulu Bonfils, Maggie Lee, Maia Ruth Lee.

Wine Bar
Sep 21–22, 2018

Hosted by Jzuj – the collaborative cooking project of graphic designer, Owen Dodd and chef Nicholas Sewitz, the wine bar spanned two evenings, providing a selection of snacks paired with natural wines. On the second night of the wine bar, opera soprano, Charlotte Jackson, provided live accompaniment, performing selected arias from the 17th-20th centuries.

Comedy Show
Aug 18, 2018

Organized and curated in collaboration with friend and comedian Ruby McCollister, The Night You’ve Been Waiting For, featured performances by five comedic acts: Leah Hennessey and Emily Allan, Larry Owens, Peter Smith, Amy Zimmer, and Ruby McCollister.

170A Suffolk St (Pt.2)
Apr 1–14, 2018

Photography: Allegra Sussman, Christian DeFonte. Models: Katerina Tannenbaum, Erika Spring, Zoe Elise Bullock, Paulena Lynch.

Mirth Studio
Dec 1–11, 2017

Photography: Allegra Sussman, Christian DeFonte. Models: Hayett McCarthy, Briar McQuilkin, Bobbi Menuez, Lida Fox, Adinah Dancyger, Paris Reid.

170A Suffolk St (Pt.1)
Sep 19–Oct 3, 2017

Photography: Christian DeFonte. Model: Marland Backus.