CAFÉ FORGOT works with these designers and artists:

Aiyana Jaffe

Aiyana Jaffe, a RISD graduate based in NY, designs and handcrafts fine jewelry using traditional silversmithing techniques paired with locally sourced vintage components. Exploring jewelry as a language of confidence, she finds nuance in bold forms allowing the wearer to feel both poised and causal. Aiyana celebrates the rare warmth of the hand made and the satisfaction of investing in new classics, made to last.

Alexa Stark

Based in Portland, Alexa Stark’s clothing reflects our complex age in which the designer and the wearer must balance the practical and the spectacle. Stark seeks to unify form, function and material using processes and production methods that adhere to sustainability and healthy work standards.


Layla Alter launched her jewelry line, Alterita, in 2018 with translucent ruby-red fruits, peppers and cowrie shells dangling from delicate hoops, necklaces and anklets. Her work is inspired by her upbringing when dreaded winter days in New York were spent dreaming of the ocean and yearning for summer’s first swim.

Anna Pierce

Based in New York and a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Anna Pierce’s references range from Victorian England to nostalgic childhood arts and crafts. Among other things, Pierce has produced jewelry from pasta, and corsets, chokers and bracelets of gingham and velvet, often adding details such as chains, charms, hearts and grommets.

Annabell P Lee

Based in Los Angeles, Annabell P Lee makes paintings, textiles, and clothing inspired by the materiality of color in vintage melamine and PVC. Lee hand dyes chunky checkerboard patterns and abstract designs in fire-engine red and navy blue on denim jackets, wrap tops, and rough-hewn lace-up grommet corsets.


Autobody is a vintage inspired pants label created in 2014 by New Yorker and Pratt graduate, Cassie Goodman. Insanely comfortable, the pants have high waists and come in fly-off-the-shelves materials such as corduroy, pinstripe and vinyl. Best of all, the line is flattering on bodies of all shapes and sizes.


Founded by Jenny Balin Sonnenberg in 2018, Balin is a line of hand-sewn, hand-dyed, and bleached t-shirts superimposed with thought- provoking word play such as “Just Ice/ Justice” or “Please sure/ Pleasure.”

Brie Moreno

London-based illustrator, Brie Moreno, makes jewelry for Café Forgot. Her sparkly resin rings, replete with rosettes and glitter, have a girly, childish quality which is also present in her drawing.

Bror August

Norwegian line, Bror August, defies all expectations of what is wearable by designing clothes that may appear to be upside down, inside out, back to front, just seams punctuated with open spaces and sometimes all the above, yet everything he makes sits perfectly on the human form and feels seamlessly comfortable to the wearer.

By Tyler

By Tyler, founded by New York-based designer, Tyler McGillivary, is a line of clothing to wiggle in. Her clothing, whether gauzy, flapjack-sized multicolored circles stitched together to make a top that dances before the eyes, or black, sheer, dresses punctuated by snake-like black twine that weaves around the wearers body, By Tyler will not be ignored.

Camille Beinhorn

Camille Beinhorn is a classically trained jeweler based in Brooklyn, NY. She creates distinctive pieces with precious materials to activate and adorn the body. Her one of a kind pieces feature rare and unusual cuts of gemstones in alluring combinations and a lush palette.  

Carolyn Killcoyne Voyta

Carolyn Killcoyne Voyta draws inspiration from nostalgic play clothes, combining soft cottons and gingham with plaids, tartans and stripes to make bikinis, tops with tie waists, skirts and dresses that shouldn’t work pattern-wise, yet do, and brilliantly! All her garments are made in the US using fabric from repurposed clothing.

Christie Keshet

Christie Keshet is a South African visual artist living in New York. Working primarily in watercolors, she’s drawn to the way the colors play once set free on paper. Often of figurative female forms and with a deceptively light touch, her work is simply beautiful.

Claire McKinney

Based in New York and a graduate of Pratt Institute, Claire Mckinney’s one-of-a-kind garments explore materiality through construction and/ or collage. Some pieces deconstruct the “uniforms” of conformity: blue jeans, bomber jackets, work shoes and cotton blouses and rework them into new forms through elimination, reconfiguration and addition of color and materials.

CM Carney

CM Carney creates wearables for videoed or live performances, which focus on abstract, aestheticized characters and narratives. At Café Forgot, CM Carney’s quilted body coverings and translucent extra long-sleeved crop tops become sculptural relics of past performances while taking on a new, utilitarian purpose as wearable clothing.

Delicate Porcelain

Delicate Porcelain is the collaborative project of musician Lila Gold and Josue Hurst. They tie-dye t-shirts and jeans and screen print psychedelic mushroom designs that read “mind, body, spirit, emotion.” Delicate Porcelain also creates nostalgic beaded jewelry that read “Be Kind” or “High in the Sky.” Lila Gold became involved with Café Forgot when she visited the shop, and since that meeting, she has collaborated with us many times and modeled for our editorial campaigns.   


EDIE is the work of our longtime friend, Edie Hanly. Her line is inspired by her father’s eclectic collection of gingham, plaid, and seersucker suits. Her green and white checkered pants are Café favorites as are her cosy slouch jackets. Best of all, her pieces are super flattering  on every body type.


FEMAIL is the brainchild of Parsons graduates Janelle Abbott and Camilla Carper. After college, they moved to Seattle and Los Angeles respectively, but sought to keep their friendship and collaboration alive from afar by mailing garments and collage back and forth to one another. For FEMAIL, no garment is finished, but is always growing and expanding as more mementos and fragments are added to create new ideas about fashion in function and form.

Francesca Longo

Francesca Longo is a designer and illustrator born and raised in Brooklyn. Whether working in satin, silk or vinyl, she uses color, portraiture and volume to foster an aesthetic that projects new, radical notions of femininity. She loves Café Forgot because she believes firmly in the slow, but novel pace of fashion that we engender.

Gauntlett Cheng

Based in New York, Esther Gauntlett and Jenny Cheng make clothes that reflect their realities and surroundings, exploring themes such as, adolescence and sexuality.


HELENAMANZANO is a ready-to-wear line based in London. Manzano critiques the waste produced by the fashion industry through repurposing and recycling materials to create garments that reference the natural world. From a distance, her pieces often appear to be one-piece solid-colored constructions, yet, up close, they reveal themselves to be layered patterned fabrics overlaid with taupe, tan or black panels with unfinished, wispy edges and ends.

Jessica Butler

Jessica Butler is a New York-based visual artist, poet, and photo editor at Artforum magazine. Butler cuts up old issues of Sassy mag to spell out sweet ransom notes, which she applies to chokers. She also makes necklaces out of collaged photos of fairytale forests or spooky caves and children’s knick-knacks like plastic frogs and spiders.


JRAT is Janelle Rabbott, a Pacific Northwest native and Parsons School of Design graduate. She works exclusively in the “zero waste design methodology” ensuring that no waste is produced in the making of her products. Her work extends from sculpture, textiles, clothing, illustration, written words, to movement and dance. Her Café Forgot clothing features wide-cut pant legs and wrap-around tops and dresses that give license to vigorous movement, and her signature gray and fawn-colored textiles that are softened with frills and flower patterned overlays.


KAHLE, unadorned or bare in German, is a women’s luxury clothing brand based in Brooklyn, New York. Mary Kahle works out of her Greenpoint studio making sustainable clothing for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Her line of clothes is remarkably versatile and functional: Each garment can be worn in many ways depending on how it is tied or whether the wearer sports it upside down or inside out.

Kira Scerbin

Kira Scirbin is a Chicago-based visual artist who makes garments, hand bags, and chokers that are used as canvases for her paintings and embroideries. Her work has a punk DIY aesthetic and often features abstract, haunting paintings paired with commonplace words such as “earth” and “adult.” These words are given a new dimension once worn upon the body.

Kristin Mallison

Kristin Mallison is inspired by materials becoming something that they were never supposed to be. She fashions skirts and tops from old couch cushions, table runners and small donated needlepoint throw pillows. While the material is from the past, the cut and the style is from the future, and Mallison’s clothes become a contemporary synthesis of these two chronologies that is of the now.

Liv Ryan

Liv Ryan is based in Brooklyn, New York. Ryan’s garments are sculptural and geometric in form, riffing off street and workwear styles. Ryan also makes calamari-shaped earrings and sucked candy- shaped rounded earrings in cream colored glazed ceramic forms.

Lou Dallas

Lou Dallas was created by Raffaella Hanley in 2017. Hanley custom-sews recycled and deadstock materials, and dyes each garment by hand.

Marland Backus

Marland Backus is a New York-based jewelry and furniture designer. She works with unexpected contrasting materials such as concrete, rubber, and human hair. Having grown up with Lucy and Vita, she works closely with Café Forgot and has helped design their spaces with custom furniture and displays.

Maroske Peech

Maroske Peech is a collaboration between Australians, Elisa Keeler and Jordan Conder. The duo makes stunning pieces such as mesh high-rise leotards and silk shirts with buttons made from bread covered in enamel.

Martina Cox

Café Forgot found Martina Cox’s thesis work on Instagram soon after she graduated from Cooper Union, and, when they contacted her, she’d never sold her clothing in a store. She has since become a Café Forgot mainstay with her signature “window tops” which are shirts with clear plastic panels smack-dab over the breast, some of which feature movable curtains or miniature flower boxes to open and close as the wearer desires. The designer now lives in Berlin, but she ships her garments to us in New York for Café Forgot.

Merritt Meacham

Merritt Meacham is a New York-based artist and designer who makes meshy, stretchy, deconstructed tops for Café Forgot.

Mila Sullivan

Mila Sullivan is a ready-to-wear line based in Brooklyn, New York, which was founded by three Pratt Institute graduates. Mila Sullivan creates one-of-a-kind pieces, often deconstructing and layering vintage home-goods fabrics to create eclectic and nostalgic garments.

Molly Rose Lieberman

Molly Rose Lieberman is a painter living in Brooklyn, New York. Using found materials, Molly makes wearable objects available at Café Forgot. She also makes small paintings and drawings which have been featured at the store.

Nicole Van Vuuren

Nicole Van Vuuren is an Auckland, New Zealand based designer exploring fashion through mundane interactions between the body, cloth and garments. After graduating from the fashion program at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, she moved to New York, to work in the Eckhaus Latta studio where she and began her current ‘scrap t shirt’ project. Using small pieces of fabric and off-cuts she hand cuts and stitches her enigmatic paneled shirts.

Official Rebrand

Official Rebrand revives clothing that has been discarded, breathing new life into “waste”. Through painting and other alterations, non-binary designer MI Leggett’s “rebranding” proposes a sustainable alternative to competitive consumption. The transformation of these pieces also reflect the fluidity of identity, dissociating garments from gendered categories, reintroducing them without arbitrary social constraints.


The work of New York based artist, Onea Engel-Bradley, asks us to think critically about the ways in which ‘strong’ women are characterized in fashion. Rejecting the ‘power suit,’ her line ranges from sheer romantic elastane dresses to tailored, menswear-inspired linen trousers.

Paid Actor

Paid Actor is the wearable extension of Dessislava Terzieva’s fine art practice which is rooted in collage and found object sculpture. Terzeiva explores fashion as a form of communication, the body as a canvas, and the wearer as the messenger. Each piece has it’s own unique narrative, whether it is in relation to the imagery/artwork featured on it, or the story behind the material(s) being used. Holistically, the very existence of these one-of-a-kind garments is a statement against fast fashion, trend worship and a look-alike culture fostered by social media.

Pearle Knits

Pearle Knits, is a New York-based label by designer Michaela Pearle from Vancouver, Canada. Her knitwear explores the traditional notions behind women and crafts, and revels in the nostalgia of handmade clothing. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted on a knitting machine in New York and features super-soft, stretchy cotton yarn sourced from mills in Canada and the UK.

Piera Bochner

Piera Bochner is an artist and designer based in Brooklyn, New York, and a long-time friend of Vita and Lucy. Bochner’s candle project comes from a love of wax as a material and a desire to investigate how wicks, wax, and flames can travel down unconventional paths. As they burn, the colorful wax candles cast from romanesco broccoli and bitter melons become ever-changing sculptural forms.


Based in Los Angeles, Poche is an atelier that investigates the nuances and constructions of everyday wear and living. They explore the essence of relationships with dress, furnishings and homeware within the context of everyday life. Each piece is hand sewn or outsourced in small batches in Los Angeles as a means of demassification. Poche often uses dead-stock and recycled fabric to create distinctive season-less few-offs. Poche is for everyday use and everyday wear.

Sara Brooks

Brooklyn based Sara Brooks makes eclectic clothes that manage to combine a sporty look plus western embellishment and structure with notes of dated sci-fi. She artfully uses seams and fasteners to give shape to her hand-dyed creative creations.

Sophie Andes-Gascon

Brooklyn, New York-based designer Sophie Andes-Gascon produces hand-constructed garments, each with its own story. Andes-Gascon recycles worn fabrics such as dish rags or worker’s uniforms and transforms them into beautiful beaded creations with meticulous attention to detail.

Susannah Cutler

Susannah Cutler is a folk musician and Brooklyn-based textile designer. Her thesis project caught the attention of Café Forgot in the summer of 2018. Her fabrics feature her watercolor drawings of flowers and kittens, which she fashions into breezy sleeveless dresses and crop tops.

Teva Livne

Teva Livne is a sculptor and artist living in New York. She works with clay, paint and glitter to create an unraveling dream world of shapes, mystery animals, friendship, fantasy and cat charms.

Tropical Rob

Tropical Rob serves the hottest fashions du jour. Founded by Robert Hurlbut in 2015, the Los Angeles based line features digital prints of his hand-painted textile designs. TR is a fantasy interpretation of his youth in California, London and at RISD.

Zelda Passini

Zelda Passini is a jewelry designer based in Paris. Passini’s work is inspired by postmodern aesthetics, art-deco design and industrial objects.